Degginger McIntosh provides Cobra Administration service to our clients at no cost. This service helps to ensure that our clients are compliant with Cobra regulations.

Our Cobra Administration Services include the following:
  • Maintain up-to-date records of qualified beneficiaries, eligibility and Cobra tracking information based upon information supplied by the employer.
  • Upon notification from the employer of a new participant being enrolled in the group health insurance plans(s), a Cobra General Notice will be sent to the participant and applicable dependent(s). Records indicating date of mailing will be maintained.
  • Upon receipt of an Employer Notification of Qualifying Event, a Cobra Qualifying Event Notice and Election Form will be prepared and sent. Records indicating the exact date of mailing will be maintained to indicate the start of the qualified beneficiary’s response period.
  • After notification of a qualifying event, Degginger McIntosh will monitor changes in Cobra eligibility, based upon information provided by the employer and qualified beneficiaries.
  • Monitor and track notification and election responses from qualified beneficiaries to ensure compliance with Federal Cobra Regulations. A record of each returned election form will be maintained and a copy will be forwarded to the employer.
  • Upon a Participant’s election of coverage, Degginger McIntosh will send the Cobra Participant applicable enrollment forms (if needed) and a notification of initial premium due date per Cobra regulations. Participant will also be notified that all future payments, after receipt of the initial payment by the employer, must be made within the monthly grace period or coverage will be cancelled. Monthly billing reminders will not be sent.
  • Coordinate with the employer to assure the termination of Cobra benefits when activated in error or when a qualified beneficiary has a change in status that makes them ineligible to Cobra (upon notification from the employer or qualified beneficiary).

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